A must for aspiring business leaders

New research, discussions and examples outlining the traits and skills for tomorrow’s best leaders, today

  • Discover the emerging leadership traits that are in demand for the decade ahead

  • Explore the three imperatives of leadership; Human centered, business centred and community centered leadership

  • Unlearn, relearn and up-skill for the demands of the rapidly evolving business challenges and opportunities we are all facing

  • Learn strategic approaches to leading into the future

  • Enlighten Leader is based upon global research - Insights from close to 2000 leaders and employees from 27 countries

  • Take the Enlightened Leader self assessment

  • Enlightened Leader Certification

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Self study leadership development program

Learning format

Blended approach

  • Mini videos lectures

    Short instructional and informative videos

  • Case studies

    Learn through real cases studies

  • Podcasts

    Listen in to leaders discussing different elements of Enlightened Leader

  • Discussion boards

    Interact with others on the program through discussion board activities.

  • Reflection assignments

    Leadership Introspection opportunities

  • Reading passages

    Short reading assignments

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Enlightened Leader

  • 2

    Leadership challenges for the decade ahead

    • Leadership challenges

    • Define your leadership challenges

    • Are leaders ready for the the challenges ahead?

    • Leadership Readiness

    • Assignment Number 1

  • 3

    Introducing Human Centred Leadership

    • High-touch leadership

    • Human Centred Leadership

    • Empathy and the role of leadership

    • Empathy reflection activity

    • The age of empowerment

    • Empowering others

    • Leading with an engaging personality

    • Developing your leadership brand

    • Leading with emotional Intelligence

    • Emotional Intelligence assessment

    • Human centred leadership assignment

  • 4

    Introducing Business Centred Leadership

    • An introduction to Business centred leadership

    • Business Centred Leadership

    • Developing digital skills for leaders

    • Business traits and skills for the future

    • Thinking ahead - future landscape - future skill sets

    • Introduction to data driven decision making

    • Data driven decision making (DDDM)

    • Extra: Leadership insights- Disruptive leadership with Salim Dhanani

    • Customer centricity

  • 5

    Introducing Community Centred leadership

    • The need for community centred leadership

    • Community centred leadership

    • Building a nurturing a community in the workplace

    • Internal community within your organisation

    • Extra: Leadership insights - Compassionate capitalism with Paul Hargreaves

  • 6

    Development Plan

    • The Enlightened Leader Development Plan

    • 12 Specific actions for leaders

    • The Enlightened Leader Model

    • Enlightened Leader Masterclasses

    • A final word

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Get the most of our your learning journey

  • Assess to all the Enlightened Leader research

    A complementary copy of the Enlightened Leader Ebook

  • Collaborative learning

    Opportunities to join live virtual classrooms with like minded professionals

  • Bonus material

    Access to assessments and development tools and plans

Your investment

4 week Blended Learning Program

Get your copy of the Enlightened Leader research paper

The aim of this eBook is to inspire your own leadership aspirations, no matter how long you have been in the game. It will help you unlearn, relearn and up skill for the demands of the rapidly evolving business challenges and opportunities we are all facing.


  • Who is this program designed for?

    Enlightened Leadership is designed for middle management to executive level leaders. However, the content of the programs is relevant to leader at all levels within a organisation who wish to learn and develop the emerging traits in demand for future leaders, today!

  • How long does the program take?

    The program is designed self study program that should take approximately 4 weeks to complete. With a total of 2-3 hours of study per week.

  • Is this a blended learning program?

    Yes, in addition to the e-learning modules, live virtual classes are also available for groups who wish to deepened the learning experience.

  • Will i receive a certificate on completion?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate that you have completed the course of study.

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Senior Instructor

Paul Marks

Paul is the Managing Director and lead facilitator of ChangeWorks – a company that helps leaders and teams up-skill for the future. A keen entrepreneur and ultra-runner, with over 25 years in international business and leadership, Paul has facilitated leadership and team development programs for thousands of professionals, across 55 countries. Making the connection between neuroscience, leadership and team performance, he endeavours to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in age of exponential change and disruption. Paul is known for delivering engaging and highly interactive programmes with a positive energy. He is also a PCC-accredited Executive Coach with experience coaching high-level business leaders in several countries, and is involved in training new and up and coming coaches.